OwlGaming is a roleplaying game community based on a Grand Theft Auto modification named Multi Theft Auto.

OwlGaming is a long-term roleplaying project introduced on January 1st, 2014, with the ambition of housing well-experienced roleplayers and put them under our wing; we intend on bringing roleplayers the best of experiences in their roleplaying career for as long as possible!

We possess over a well-developed and matured script which not only serves as a major attraction to our server, but to increase the joy our roleplayers gain from staying at Owl.

Our development team consists of professional programmers and the most experienced scripters in MTA RP servers in recent years. With a strong and stable development team, our MTA server script is continuously improving and growing with weekly script releases.

OwlGaming wishes you an enjoyable and refreshing stay, welcome to our server.

Programmed by Maxime
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